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What Patients Say About Colostrum

Hundreds of people have reported significant life changes with the use of bovine colostrum. The reports range from weight loss, feelings of wonderful well-being, dramatic reduction and elimination of pain and suffering to near miraculous cures. The following are excerpts from some of the heartfelt stories that keep pouring in.

“I am an asthmatic. I have been hospitalized on four occasions with severe asthma attacks, for which I was given large doses of steroids. Consequently, I am overweight, and have irritable bowel symptoms. My peak flow reading (to measure lung capacity) never reaches above 250, and I am registered as disabled in England because I cannot walk more than 50 meters without resting and using my inhalers. I have been using colostrums for weeks now, 4 capsules twice a day. Already I have seen a significant improvement in my health. My stomach is no longer bloated, and I have lost 8 pounds. I no longer wake up wheezing, and my peak flow has gone up to 300.”
Barbara Hawthorn, England

“I use bovine colostrum successfully for upper respiratory infections of all types, especially for sinusitis, which is a frequent health difficulty in Sedona where I practice. For example, a carpenter, age 42, consulting me for the treatment of sinus congestion, which comes on him once annually, responded right away to my prescribing capsules containing bovine colostrum.”
Lester Adler, MD

“For many years, I have suffered with sinus problems that were so bad they gave me toothaches. I was on antibiotics and eating ibuprofen for the pain. After taking colostrum, the problem did a turn-around. If skeptics could only know how really thankful I am that I found colostrum.”
Bruce N., Buckhannon, WV

“My husband, Joe, was diagnosed with cancer of the neck (squamous cell carcinoma). He underwent surgery and started his regime of daily radiation, plus weekly chemotherapy. From the beginning, my father sent me bottles of colostrum for Joe to take daily, which he did. As we ran out, Dad would send me more. Throughout this ordeal, Joe had lost a total of five pounds. His doctors and nurses are very impressed at how well he has tolerated the treatments. His white cell count has gone below normal only once; however, it bounced back within a week.

“I thought you ought to know how well it went for a colostrum user during a very difficult time. I am delighted to report that so far, tests have shown the success of the treatment.”
Maria, Highlands Ranch, CO

“I have had seasonal allergies for many years since moving to Georgia: pollen, grass, mold, dust, and some food allergies. Every year I would fear the seasons Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Often I would have severe sinus infections also. All of the medication prescribed by my general doctor and allergist only gave me partial relief, plus I had tremendous side effects: dry eyes, dry mouth, nose bleeding, itchy skin, and drowsiness. I could not believe the almost immediate relief I got from Colostrum, with none of the side effects. I am a retired RN, and believe me, I am not easily convinced by all the hype of supplements. But colostrum has made such a great difference in my overall health and well-being.”
A. M., Columbus, GA

I severely burned my wrist on an engine block. I was told that it would take at least a month to heal and would probably leave a scar. With colostrum, it was completely healed, without scarring, in one week.
Howard, Bethesda, MD

Ear Infections
Kate Montgomery has been using colostrum in her practice ever since she experienced first-hand its remarkable healing properties. Several years ago, she had a severe ear infection that was not responding to the antibiotics prescribed for her. After reading about colostrum, she decided to give it a try. She purchased a bottle of it at a health food store. As she states, “Because the infection was so bad, I took six capsules and eight hours later, I took six more. Within hours, I could feel the stuffiness and inflammation subsiding. Twenty-four hours later, I could start to hear and I was feeling so much better. My energy and stamina also returned.” To this day she still takes her daily dose of colostrum.

Kate added, “As a naturopath, I have recommended colostrum to all my clients and am happy to say, most are taking it regularly and agree about its benefits to their immune systems. I would highly recommend colostrum for everyone who seeks a stronger immune system.”
Kate Montgomery, ND

Multiple Sclerosis
I feel like I have truly found a miracle in my life. I have suffered from multiple sclerosis for seven years now. After taking colostrum for just a couple of months (three teaspoons a day), all MS symptoms have left my body (dizziness, weakness and fatigue, eye problems, burning sensation in my feet). I am able to walk without a limp and can walk up and down stairs without the aid of a railing. I cannot say enough good things about this miraculous food.”
Bonnie, Ogden, Utah

“Here in our town of Cottage Grove, MN, a local minister had uncontrollable diabetes and was taking 3 insulin injections daily. I shared with him the benefits of colostrum and several months later he came back to me, convinced that something besides injections needed to be done. He purchased the colostrum, and within one week the miracle of healing kicked in. He no longer is giving himself insulin injections. Now, he will not go without colostrum to regulate his insulin secretion. He is totally convinced of the benefits of taking colostrum.”
Michael L. McCann, Ed.D, N.D.

Severe Ulcerative Colitis
“Approximately two years ago, my eleven-year old son, Sean, was suddenly diagnosed and then hospitalized with severe ulcerative colitis. His weight dropped dramatically, down to 56 pounds (he was then 4’ 10”). Nothing helped. A month later, after nearly losing his entire colon, his doctors tried a very powerful experimental drug on him, one that shut down his immune system. This new drug, along with Prednisone (a steroid), helped in his recovery initially; however, he stopped gaining weight and remained 4’10”. Then, six months later his symptoms began to return. Afraid that we were going to have to go back on the steroids (which gave him a big puffy face) and higher doses of Pyrenothos, we began to search for a more natural, alternative cure. We discovered colostrum through a doctor friend in the Midwest. He advised Sean to take four capsules; two before breakfast and two at bedtime. Within weeks we saw an amazing change in our son. He began gaining weight, getting stronger, and even seemed to be growing faster! Sean has been taking colostrum for about a year now. He weighs 100 pounds, is 5’4”, and is the pitcher on his baseball team. In other words, he is the picture of health! He leads a totally normal life and amazes his doctor here at UCLA who calls his recovery nothing short of “a miracle.”
Jean, Westlake Village, CA

I am a seventy year old man who, this last year, went through a devastating personal experience that led to severe depression. My doctor gave me numerous antidepressant drugs over a ten month period that proved unsuccessful. After taking colostrum for two months, my depression lifted. I also had a total knee replacement two weeks ago. I had my other knee replaced a year ago and it took forever to heal. This time, to everyone’s disbelief, I was out dancing ten days after my surgery. My muscles are more defined and my stomach is noticeably flatter. My blood pressure has dropped from 145/85 to 120/70 and my pulse has gone from 83 to 70. I have been able to come off my heart medication.
Bill, Holladay, UT 

Downs Syndrome
“My son Zachary was born in 1993 with Downs Syndrome. He has had to take constant antibiotics for ear, nose and throat infections. He was irritable and developed behavioral problems because he was always ill. He was having constant diarrhea. When one doctor wanted to put him on a powerful antibiotic for this problem, I put my foot down and decided to try colostrum instead. He has been on colostrum for almost a year and a half. He is rarely sick and gets better within days. His mood and behavior are much better. His blood was tested before and after taking colostrum for three months for free radicals. Down Syndrome patients have more free radicals in their blood due to a poor immune system. Zachary, unlike the Downs Syndrome population, tested normal. Colostrum is a Godsend for these children.”
Susan T., Ontario, Canada

Mouth Pain and Infection
“I was suffering from a root canal that had become infected. As the dentist was unavailable, I went to the local health food store to inquire about what would help. I was instructed to make colostrum into a paste by mixing it with some water, then packing it into the infected area. Initially the pain and swelling diminished, and then by the following morning there was no indication that there had been a problem in that area. I am now waiting to see the many other advantages I derive from using colostrum.”
Margaret M., Syracuse, NY

Heartburn and Acid Reflux
“I have suffered from both heartburn and acid reflux for ten years now. I have tried every over-the-counter medication, not to mention many prescription-strength medicines. Some of them offer partial relief; however, I often worry about the negative impact all of these medicines are having on my body. My wife finally convinced me to try colostrum, either the powdered form or in a shake, when I experience the painful symptoms of heartburn and acid reflux. Being the skeptic that I am, I had a hard time admitting to her that it actually made the symptoms go away. Now, as long as I take colostrum with a meal (especially later in the day), I can enjoy the foods that I have been denying myself for so long.”
A.S., Gillette, WY

I haven’t been able to eat solid foods for three years now because of advanced Scleroderma (one of the most debilitating of the autoimmune diseases). In only one week of taking colostrum, I was able to sit down with my family and eat real food. My sons told me that it was so wonderful to watch their mother eat a hamburger. I can’t say enough about what colostrum has done for me. Sydney, Concord, CA

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