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David Rostollan, ND, holds a Bachelor of Science in Natural Health and a doctorate in Naturopathy. He is a professional health and nutrition consultant, and his primary interests include heart disease prevention, chronic illness support, and diet and lifestyle coaching. Dr. Rostollan recently shared an inspiring story of how colostrum helped in a case of neonatal lupus.



Sedona doctor Nikki Marie Welch, MD, MD(H), uses colostrum in her practice to treat a variety of conditions, including lowered immune function, chronic infections, auto-immune diseases, colds, flu and allergies. Dr. Welch, who graduated from Duke University and Johns Hopkins University and did post-graduate work at Yale, is Board-certified in Internal Medicine. “I use a lot of cutting-edge nutritional supplements in my practice — it’s part of my commitment to ‘build wellness from within’ that is my basic mission.”


Horton Tatarian
, M.D., graduated from U.C.L.A. School of Medicine. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in biochemistry from the University of California at Berkeley. Dr. Tatarian no longer practices medicine in the traditional sense. He is now President of Nutriphysiology, a company which supplies nutritional supplements. As a biochemist with a medical background, he is also able to recommend certain nutritional supplements to his customers.


Board-certified in kinesiology, chiropractor Carl Hawkins uses colostrum extensively in his practice. “I’ve found that colostrum helps with problems that have not or cannot be addressed by any other methods. And the beauty of it is that patients can try it without any fear of negative effects. Because it is such a benign natural substance, there are no problems with possible side effects.”


Herbalist Pauquel Mason recommends colostrum to patients and can attest to the importance of quality colostrum in providing real results. “I discovered, however, that it really does matter what brand of colostrum you take. Since I had heard quite a bit about it, I had tried several different brands and none of them worked — until I found the brand I am using now.”


Excerpts from Published Research

Since colostrum has been known and used as a healing and strengthening remedy for centuries, medical researchers have studied it extensively. Studies conducted around the world show that colostrum is a unique broad-spectrum natural supplement and food with efficacy in a wide range of areas.


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