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Healing Animals with Bovine Colostrum

DogBovine colostrum is 40 times more potent than human colostrum and is universally beneficial for all mammals

The immune enhancement for all mammals is extensively documented.

Immunoglobulins, cytokines, and lactoferrin all have extensive clinical and therapeutic documentation that applies to healing animals. Lactoferrin has been shown to destroy HIV, herpes and the hepatitis viruses; it also prevents the reproduction of a majority of pathogenic bacteria by denying access to iron. It delivers iron to hemoglobin in the blood and is the mammal's own unique natural iron transport mechanism. Oligoschacarides destroy pathogens; lysozyme and lactoperoxidase are also very effective. All of these and more are present in colostrum. Additionally, colostrum contains Transfer Factor, a unique molecule which has the ability to transfer immunity for all of the pathogens the host and previous generations have come into contact with in the course of their lives. All in all, this is the most powerful natural immune defense mechanism available. Otherwise it would not be the first food of our lives.

There are additional benefits from colostrum: Increase mobility, increased energy, increased strength and stamina, improved recovery from training competitive events and injury. Colostrum helps heal wounds internally and externally and can be liberally applied to both areas. It decreases opportunistic infection and accelerates cellular reproduction. It reduces inflammation. It is also very beneficial in increasing fat utilization and increasing lean muscle mass. This makes for a leaner, more beautiful animal with a healthy coat and better dispositions. It is extremely beneficial with older animals to help them regain movement, shed unwanted weight, restore mobility, reduce joint pain and restore youthful vigor.

The results of colostrum with animals is quick and very noticeable, usually within a day or two. Benefits increase over time. Cats and dogs love its taste and instinctively recognize its benefits. To use simply sprinkle some powder in their dish or offer for first time from your hand. Pet owners should realize that not all colostrum is the same. CNR recommends a colostrum supplement that is derived from grade A dairy cows that are BSE (mad cow), BST (hormone) and antibiotic free. Raw, fresh-processed colostrum should be flash pasteurized (161 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 seconds) and dried at low temperature. This is the only method of pasteurization that does not destroy colostrum's heat sensitive components.

Subsequently, colostrum should be micronized, instantized (for complete and quick dispersion in water and necessary for gastrointestinal dispersion and efficacy), and micro-encapsulated with the exact cell membrane lipids that coat the colostrum when it's extruded from the mammary cell in the breast. Without this micro-encapsulation, colostrum is not effective for adult animals. LD Liposomal Delivery colostrum reflects a proprietary method for the reapplication of these cell membrane lipids that creates an actual liposome structure to provide four very essential benefits: (1) It protects the colostrum from digestion. (2) It makes the proteins in colostrum slippery for full dispersion; without the micro-encapsulation, most of the proteins stick together and pass through the digestive tract intact. Colostrum must coat the intestinal wall to provide benefit. (3) It is a transdermal delivery mechanism. It is hydrophilic and hydrophobic so it can penetrate the oil and water layers of the dermis in the intestinal lining and the outside skin surfaces and deliver its components internally into the body. (4) Since it is the actual cell membrane lipids that comprise all of our living cells, it delivers nutrients and components intercellularly. We have discovered after years of research that if these benefits are not available, colostrum is nothing more than an expensive form of protein for adult animals.

The effective dosage for small animals is 500 mg/day and up to 1,500 mg/day for larger size dogs. Horses and other large mammals can take 10-20 grams per day. It depends on the desired results. Horse trainers and breeders tell us that for exercise recovery and performance enhancement, a larger dose is warranted and the dose is not weight dependant. You cannot overdose with colostrum because it is a natural food.

Click HERE to read an interview with veternarian Steven R. Blake, DVM.

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